16 Animals Who Experienced Something For the First Time in Their Lives

Catching the emotions of animals can be absolutely priceless! Whether it’s the wide eyed look of a frightened kitten or the excited look of a playful puppy, animals are totally adorable and can definitely make you laugh. Talk about an instant mood lifter!


Well here we have a compilation of some priceless animal reactions that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Check these out:

He saw some little kitties for the first time

The first time he saw a kangaroo


Their owner turned on a vacuum cleaner for the first time

The cat is outside for the first time

“We forgot to tell our cat we had a baby”

This dog is experiencing snow for the first time in his life

These cats are looking at a working ceiling fan for the first time

This dog is taking the subway for the first time

“My cat always tries to jump into the fridge whenever I opened it. And he finally did it.”

“My cat was energetic enough to climb up and look at how I take a shower”

“Our cat climbed up a tree for the first time”

This is the first time this dog went down a slide

Cats seeing birds through the window for the first time

Just a dog who’s seen the beautiful autumn leaves for the first time in his life

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Preview photo credit kizkizkiz

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