Their Adopted Dog Kept Staring At Them All Night — Then They Learn What His Previous Owners Did

Coming from a shelter into a new home with a loving family is indeed a much needed, and usually a very comfortable transition. But it may still have it’s challenges, as the surroundings are new and things can become confusing. Shelter dogs may have had difficult pasts as well.


If a new pet behaves strangely, it could be because of his or her past. Case in point with this particular dog who was acting strangely in his new home. He would actually stare at his new owners, until they fell completely asleep!
Once they found out why, it all seemed to make sense.

This family took in a new dog from the shelter. It worked out great as the dog was affectionate and everything seemed to click.


While the dog was playful and got along great with the new family, there was an issue. The dog would sit bedside them at night and would stare at them until they fell asleep. Then when they would wake up, he would still be there, still staring. Did the dog even sleep they wondered?


They brought the dog to the vet, wondering what was up. The dog turned out healthy. Then they visited the shelter to try and get to the bottom of the staring at bedtime issue.


They asked the staff at the shelter if they knew what was up with the staring issue. The staff informed them why the dog was behaving in this seemingly odd manner. It turns out the last owner waited for the dog to fall asleep one night, then carried him to the shelter and left him there. The dog woke up and never saw his owner again.


When the family got home they put the dogs bed right next to theirs. It seemed to work as it showed the dog that this was where he belonged and there was no worries about anyone taking him away while asleep. After that, the dog and the family all fell asleep soundly at the same time and the dog’s worries were cured!


What a great move for the family to not only find out why the dog was acting oddly, but to take action to ease the dog’s fears.

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