Adorable Parrot Notices a Paper Towel On The Floor, Then Has The Most Hysterical Freak Out Ever.

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The holidays are always filled with disaster zones of ripped wrapping paper, tape, and for those that have kids… well, just about anything else you could think to name. Year after year it’s just about the only time when a kid can make a proper mess and not get in trouble for it; though that’s not to say they won’t have to help with the cleanup after! Just like kids many family pets also end up getting a gift or two of their own, but those gifts rarely end up wrapped and the mess is pretty much not there.


Some people like to go the extra mile and wrap those as well though, and some kids let the pets help them unwrap in general. One pet owner realised he wouldn’t have to buy their parrot anything at all when a paper towel accidentally fell on the floor. What happens next is a flurry of green, yellow, orange and white as that parrot proceeds to lose its little mind! We can’t honestly tell whether the parrot is unhappy about the mess or if it’s just excited to have something to play with, but one way or another this little guy is hopping and rolling around like he was being paid to do so. Something about that little piece of cloth makes that little guy go wild!

The holidays may be a mess depending on how you’re looking at them, but it’s important to remember what they’re all about in the first place. Take a page out of Mr. Parrots book here, find something simple and just have fun with it. Take care of yourselves this season and make a little mess, let’s just hope someone else is there to clean it up! Happy Holidays!

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