Dad Comes Home and Confronts His Dogs About The Mess. The Dog Points and Rats Out The Guilty Party.

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Nobody likes a tattle-tale. Someone who tells on, or “rats-out” another for something they did. Kids do it all the time and even adults engage in snitching, which can actually cause them physical harm in some cases! Well, it turns out, tattle-tales also exist in the animal kingdom. But for dogs, the temptation of an immediate treat is a no-brainer when it comes to telling on your fellow canine.


Here we have a situation where two dogs were left alone for a stretch, and when the owner returned, he was greeted with an absolute mess! One of the dogs ripped a pillow apart and pulled out all the white stuffing inside. But which one was it? Who was guilty of ripping the pillow apart?

It turns out the guilty party didn’t cover his tracks too well. That white stuffing gets everywhere, including all over the one who ripped the pillow open! So it was pretty clear which one had done it.

Nevertheless, the owner decided to confront the two. He first asks Charlie, the innocent dog without the white stuff all over him. He asks Charlie who made the mess, and Charlie is definitely not going to take the blame for this one! He raises his paw and points to the other dog! Too funny!

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