Her eyes and ears were covered in weird balls. Then I zoomed in on the image and realized what they really were.

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Not everyone who has a pet can afford proper treatment when the animal becomes ill. This leads to reproducing uncontrollably, sickness that can spread and get worse, not to mention parasites which can become transmitted to other animals.


Thankfully there are rescue organizations that provide medical treatment and get these animals out of unhealthy situations and into the care that they need.

Community Led Animal Welfare, or CLAW, is such an organization which exists in South Africa.

This story is a common example of how bad an animal can get. You can see the suffering that goes on when the animal doesn’t receive proper care. Belle was found by CLAW and was totally neglected by the owner. It was so bad that she had a massive amount of ticks all over her head.

Turns out that the ticks ended up consuming so much blood that the dog actually became anemic. They brought her to a canine shelter where she could receive treatment.

A one-by-one tick removal was out of the question, since there were just such a massive amount of them. Even trying to go that route could have Belle bleeding to death. An anti-parasite medicine was given to her instead and what it did was basically paralyze the ticks. They then would die and simply come loose from her skin within a few days.

Her condition was then revealed more in depth, and vitamins and antibiotics were given. Bacterial infections as well as a kennel cough were other conditions she had. Nevertheless, she did begin to improve! She became mobile and was eating regular food once again!

Belle’s story has been shared thousands of times on social media. But, it has been hard to find someone to take her in despite all the attention she has received. A young girl would be Belle’s savior! She loved how strong Belle was for having gone through all of this misery and wanted to provide her with a loving home.

Belle has improved more than anyone could have expected in her new home. Progress has been shared on social media and while it started out slow with her afraid to walk and eat, confidence gradually built up and it only took a month for her to fully come around. Check her out with her new friend:

This is a great story of recovery from a dog that was in horrible condition. Thanks to CLAW and all those who treated Belle, as well as her wonderful new owner, Belle went from the worst to the best, proving that dogs can lead happy lives if they are given a second chance.

In this case, the previous owners were so abusive for allowing this suffering to go on, that CLAW felt compelled to sue them and make a strong statement that no matter what, you need to get help or relinquish your animal so they do not suffer as Belle did.

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