Human Steals Dog’s Bone and Starts Eating It. The Dog Then Throws a Hysterical Temper Tantrum.

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Dogs and their bones. Have you ever tried to take a bone away from a dog? Major growling from the dog is usually the result! Dogs tend to be very protective and obsessive over their bones.


Well this guy decided to take things a step further. His dog is a sweet Golden Retriever who loves her owner. So one afternoon she is simply chilling out on the floor, gnawing on her beloved bone. So the guy comes up to her and not only takes the bone from her, but then starts gnawing on it himself! Yep, the guy has just taken things to a whole different level. He is chewing on his dogs bone!

Well, the guy is not totally gross as in reality he is fake biting the bone. Nevertheless, it looks real and the Golden Retriever indeed believes that her bone is being chewed on! She lunges at it, but misses. So then the barking and jumping around begins!

All ended well as he gives her back the bone and then leaves her alone! Indeed, it’s one thing to take a bone away from a dog, but to pretend to chew on it? Not cool! See how this dog reacts to the unthinkable and be sure to share this hilarious video with all of your dog loving friends and family!

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