Husky Wants To Stay Inside, But His Human Says It’s Walk Time. He Responds With a Hilarious Tantrum.

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Exercise for dogs is very important. It not only makes them physically healthy, but mentally stable as well. If you have a dog who stays inside constantly, then that can create a very irritable canine! So not only does it help the dog out, it will help the owner not have to deal with a dog who is irritable.


All dogs love to go out for walks. Well, almost all. There are the select few that are genuine lazy! These stubborn pooches just want to lounge out and can have a tough time getting motivated for some exercise. These are the rare dogs that become irritable when they have to go out and run and around.

Case in point is Zeus. This beautifully big Siberian Husky naturally needs a lot of exercise. But some days he just does not want to move. He has earned himself the nickname, “Zeus the Stubborn Husky”. Here is a prime example of the stubborn nature of Zeus. He starts out whining, and it just builds up from there. The temper tantrum really gets rolling. And it just doesn’t seem to stop! This hissy fit is epic!

It actually turns out that Zeus does love his walks, it’s just that initial motivation to get him going which is difficult. So it takes some effort to get the ball rolling, and get Zeus out for his important exercise walk.

This has to be the most talkative Siberian Husky ever! It’s just part of his character though. Check out Zeus and his hilarious behavior.

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