With the last of her strength, this dog dragged herself out of a burning house. In her mouth was a tiny bundle.

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Animals are no exception when it comes to a mother’s love for her children.


Case in point is what happened in the Chilean city of Temuco. A mother dog was in danger of losing her pups to a fire. Firemen had arrived and were trying to put out the blaze. They were also witnessing something incredible as the mom began rescuing her pups.

It was a vicious house fire.

Flames were ferocious, and backup firemen were needed on the scene.

Finally as more firemen arrived, the flames were able to be brought under control and the inhabitants were rescued. While returning to their truck, the firemen suddenly noticed something incredible. It turns out they were not alone when it came to rescue efforts.

It was a dog, slowly making her way to the fire truck, carrying a baby bundle of fur in her mouth. Clearly fire had singed her coat, but the puppy appeared to be fine.

While the puppy was placed inside the fire truck, the mom turned around and went right back into the smoky house. Out she came with another puppy in her mouth.

This went on and on until all five of her babies were placed in the fire truck. It was apparently a spot which she felt would be safe for them.

She then jumped onto the truck as well and snuggled up with her pups, caring for them and keeping them huddled together. Not to mention, resting herself as she was extremely tired from her rescue efforts.

Meanwhile, the firemen were massively moved. Not a dry eye among them after witnessing this amazing moment of motherly love.

Really an incredible, and powerful, story. Share this special dog with all of your animal loving friends and family!

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