A Puppy Found Half Frozen in the Road.. But Watch How These Heroes Reacted!

Mother Nature has been somewhat finicky as of late, and we’re not saying that to get into a Global Warming debate, we’re saying it because there’s a little puppy who almost died because of it.


This little guy must have been traveling along the road at night before the freeze came in, moving along the sections of ice which covered the Russian road he was trying to cross. Well, it appears as though a small section wasn’t strong enough to support his weight and his hind legs fell in. Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, the pup wasn’t able to pull himself out of the hole and the water froze around him. He was trapped in the middle of the road, and it looked as though it was going to be his final hours.

Morning came and it was time for the snow plows to get to work, but this particular one had to stop when they came across the pup. He was directly in their path, and fortunately they’d been paying close enough attention to the road to notice the trapped little pup. They immediately stopped the plow and got out to check what was going on. Discovering the pup wasn’t going to be able to be pulled out by hand they went back to their vehicle and grabbed an axe… No, they weren’t going to kill the little guy. One of the men stoops down and starts carefully swinging away at the ice, using his gloved hands to pull the excess away. The other guy was no doubt ‘supervising’ the situation and decided to go ahead and record. Why wouldn’t he, when the puppy was so frickin’ cute?

Together they manage to clear the ice enough to pull the pup out and rush him towards the plow, which was no doubt heated and just what the doctor was asking for.


If those two men hadn’t been paying attention, had they not had the compassion to actually stop and help, this story would have turned out much differently. They saved the life of a puppy that day, and hopefully gained themselves a new best friend in the process. Here’s to a speedy recovery, little guy!

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