Shaking Homemess Poodle Gets Rescued But Then Makes An Amazing Transformation

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The Hope For Paws organization had just received a call about a poodle that was extremely matted and homeless in the streets of Los Angeles.


The dog, who is now affectionately referred to as Dolly was absolutely frozen when she came into contact with humans, often running into a corner and hiding in a hunched position, or just frozen with fear. Other times when a rescuer would get close, she would bark then show her teeth followed by a low growl. Her rescuers were horrified when they saw the condition she was in. Dirty, and trapped under layers of thick matted fur. In fact, it was so much that it was hard to tell at first her gender. “No one will ever hurt you again,” they assure her.

But as soon as they were able to warm Dolly up enough to get in the car with them, her life would be changed for good. After she received her first grooming in what could be forever, witnessing her transformation nearly moved me to tears. No dog should ever be in such condition. Her coat when from a dirty brown to a stunning shining blond, and she joyfully shed away inches of dirty matted fur.

In the video below, you can now see Dolly happy and healthy and given lots of love in her new home. She’s joyful, she smiles, plays, and accepts and gives love to other humans and dogs with all her heart. Please SHARE this beautiful transformation with family and friends that LOVE dogs!

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