She Sings Happy Birthday To The Horse, But When The Candles Blow Out He Makes The Funniest Face Ever

Many people don’t know that horses have amazing personalities.


They make us laugh with their antics and are very appreciative of the human love they receive. Sometimes they even begin acting like humans! Yes, there’s everything from talking horses to dancing horses out there.

Here we have JD who definitely fits the bill when it comes to horses who are full of personality. He’s very sociable, so his human buddy Sarah decided to throw him a birthday bash, complete with gourmet cake! But don’t worry, this cake was made specifically with horses in mind as it contained much of their dietary needs and wouldn’t make JD sick. When it came time to sing happy birthday to JD and present the cake, something hilarious would end up happening.

JD was told to go ahead and blow the candles out. He indeed blew them out and then proceeded to make the goofiest face ever! A brilliantly epic horse smile!

It turns out that JD is the grandson of legendary America Thoroughbred racehorse Secretariat, a Triple Crown winner back in 1973! But JD didn’t follow in his grandaddy’s racing career. Instead he turned to comedy. His epic smile is proof of that!

Be sure to share the amazing JD with all of your friends and family! 😀


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