He Was Walking Down The Street When He Saw A Strange Looking Dog. This Is Heartbreaking…

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It’s called the Copa America, and it’s a very important football (soccer) tournament that takes place in Latin America. Fans totally get into the tournament and go to all kinds of extraordinary lengths to support their team. Unfortunately, some fans go way too far.


It was a Colombian fan who crossed the line. Before his team faced off with Costa Rica, Fernando Villanueva, from Medellin, Colombia, actually dyed a dog the national colors of Colombia using yellow, red and blue totally toxic paints.


This idiot fan then actually posted the results to Facebook, as he seemed proud of the outcome. The puppy on the other hand, did not look too happy about what his owner did.

Colombia has a recent law out that hands harsh punishments for cruelty to animals. This case qualifies.


If you want to dye someone the colors of your flag, then make that someone be YOU. By all means pour those toxic paints all over your own body before you even consider doing such a stupid thing to a dog.

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